Forest Ridge Market Update

Currently there are 13 homes available FOR SALE in Forest Ridge and The Ridge on Nob Hill. Prices range from $597,000 in Old Orchard for a 4/2/1 to an Approved Short Sale in Oak Park for $302,000. Yes there are still some Short Sale properties still around. In the last 90 days still strong sales in Forest Ridge with 9 SOLD properties in prices ranging from $580,000 to $295,000. Forest Ridge and The Ridge on Nob Hill continue to show a strong appeal and market value. If you are interested in viewing any of the homes FOR SALE please contact me Jill Sivert 954-562-0430.

“Jill Sivert knows the Davie market inside and out” If you want to buy or sell please call 954-562-0430 or contact me thru my website.

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